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Below you will find a number of useful links and resources for the wild blueberry industry.

Doug Bragg Enterprises - http://www.dbe.ca/

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Harvest Festival - http://www.wildblueberryfest.com/

University of Maine - Wild blueberry Website - http://wildblueberries.maine.edu/

Glenmore Farms - http://glenmorefarms.ca

Oxford Frozen Foods - http://www.oxfordfrozenfoods.com/

Wild Blueberry Association of North America - http://www.wildblueberries.com/

Wild Blueberry Network Information Centre - https://dal.ca/wildblue

Dalhousie University - Faculty of Agriculture - http://dal.ca/faculty/agriculture.html

Van Dyk's Health Juice Products Ltd. - http://www.vandykblueberries.ca

Green Diamond Equipment - http://green-diamond.ca

Perennia - http://www.perennia.ca

The Tractor Dome - http://www.thetractordome.com

Acadian Machine Works - http://www.acadianmachine.com

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Blog - http://www.novascotiawildblueberryblog.com/

CKD Fabricators - http://www.ckdfabricators.com

BLUEBERRY BEST MANAGMENT PRACTICES (BMP) GUIDELINES - http://www.perennia.ca/BlueberryBMP/blueberrybmps.html

Central Equipment Ltd. - http://www.centralequip.ns.ca

Millen Farms - http://www.millenfarms.com

Allan Equipment - Allan Equipment