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Please note: the 2018 Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Challenge submission period is now closed.

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Do you have a new idea for a wild blueberry food or beverage product, or a new packaging product we haven’t seen yet? Then we want to hear all about it!

The Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Solutions Challenge offers an opportunity to collaborate and co-invest with the Wild Blueberry Producer’s Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture to develop a world-class wild blueberry consumer product or innovative packaging idea that appeals to markets all over the word.

The Challenge –Why focus on wild blueberries?

The wild blueberry industry is heavily focused on the international food ingredient trade, with very few value added consumer food and packaging products produced in this region. The combined effects of new, science-based management methods resulting in increased yields, and the development of new wild blueberry land in the region leave the door open for new product and market development opportunities that focus on both export and domestic markets.

The Opportunity

The Wild Blueberry Producer’s Association of Nova Scotia (WBPANS) and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (NSDA) are partnering together to support the development of new innovative packaging and/or value-added consumer food product(s) using Nova Scotia wild blueberries.

The wild blueberry sector offers a diverse range of opportunities to develop a stronger frozen and fresh food industry in Nova Scotia, nationally and globally. There is a growing need to develop new innovative packaging and value-added consumer food products. WBPANS is offering Nova Scotia companies the unique opportunity to participate in a new market development initiative that is designed to help successful submissions take ideas from concept through to the commercialization stage by providing funding and the technical assistance required to take new product ideas to the next step.

This is a unique chance to bring your ideas to life and potentially secure a business investment.

Benefits - If Your Idea is Accepted

WBPANS will engage with a technical partner to assist successful applicants to develop packaging and/or consumer food products, by helping to prepare a pathway to bringing your ideas to market. Benefits to the successful submissions:
  • If your idea for a new consumer-ready food product, including innovative packaging, is selected, you could receive up to $140,000 in funding (of which a portion will support the cost of a food science expert).
  • If your submission is selected, you will have the opportunity to work with technical food scientists and technicians to bring the new idea(s) to life up to the commercialization stage.
How the Campaign Works

We are offering Nova Scotia companies the unique opportunity to compete by submitting a proposal. If your submission is selected, you will receive assistance to help take your idea from the concept stage through to the commercialization stage.

WBPANS will help companies by creating a new opportunity to develop new innovative value-added products using Nova Scotia wild blueberries. Ideally, we are looking for Nova Scotia businesses that have the ability to successfully advance projects to market by:
  • Developing a new innovative consumer food product and/or packaging product using wild blueberries; and
  • Having the greatest impact on wild blueberry supplies.
Submissions should demonstrate a solid understanding of consumer trends and preferences that can benefit the wild blueberry industry. New product offerings need to provide consumers with a sufficient higher value/quality for which consumers are willing to pay higher prices. 


To be eligible, participants must meet the following criteria to apply:
  • Company must be headquartered in Nova Scotia.
  • Must be a for profit business or organization.
  • Eligible applicants must be legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements.
  • Research, development, and manufacturing activities must take place in Nova Scotia.
  • Be in good standing with the provincial registry of Joint Stock Companies and have no outstanding obligations or legal concerns.
  • Must be a small to medium-size business.
  • Be an established operator for at least one year.
  • Demonstrate the management and financial capacity to successfully undertake the project.
  • Have the business knowledge and experience to develop, introduce, and deliver a new product into the general market (includes: initial introduction of the product through its mass production and adoption; taking into account the production, distribution, marketing, sales and customer support required to achieve success).
  • Ability to finance the commercialization phase of the project.
Ready to submit your proposal?

Interested companies must fill out the on-line form by August 18, 2018.

Based on information provided in the on-line form, a selection committee made up of government, association, and private-sector industry professionals will select a limited number of candidates to proceed to the next stage of the selection process.

Proposals that meet all mandatory evaluation requirements will be evaluated and scored in accordance with point-rated evaluation criteria. Candidates selected to proceed to the next stage may be asked to submit a full-scope project proposal, and may be selected to meet with the selection committee.